Launch Night

The launch night was amazing. I finally stopped stressing and enjoyed the moment. Whoever organised rent a crowd did a brilliant job. Seriously, I can’t believe so many people came out to support me and my little book. We were packed to full capacity and the books sold out in ten minutes.
The Crescent Arts Centre hosted the evening. We had beautiful atmospheric lighting, candle lit tables, with a scattering of darkest green and black feathers (thank you Gareth and Nathan for technical support). My talented uncle Alfie, and my cousin's fiancee Stevie, provided the musical entertainment. I told them both weeks ago I needed them here to help me not feel so lonely up on the stage- I was always meant to be in band never a solo artist. I got to say 'I’m with the band'. Yay! But I resisted saying hello Wembley. Seriously, they helped create an atmosphere for the launch with the set list being based on bands or songs that were referenced in the Little Bird. Songs included It's all over Now Baby Blue by Dylan, Moondance by Van Morrison, Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young, among others.
Damian Smyth from the Arts Council gave a wonderful speech – I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful things he said about my writing. Then I took to the stage said a little bit about the book, and thanked everyone who has helped me along the way before reading an extract. I was so nervous, but sure, they were a supportive crowd, so who cares?
It’s been a mad week. I found out I had made it on to the Guardian’s Not the Booker long long list. I haven’t a hope in hell of making it to the next stage but sure it’s great to be on a list, any list will do, as long as it’s not a hit list.
Thank you to all who came to the launch and bought my book. The reviews have been fantastic which is thrilling and such a relief.
Enjoy the photographs taken on the night by the talented Oliver Corr.

Book Launch39


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