The Final Count Down

Writing the book is only the beginning. There’s the rewrites, the second, third, fourth and even fifth drafts. There’s the proper edits and then at the end of all that, if you are still mad enough to love writing, you have something resembling a book. I am almost at that stage.

My brilliant publishers, Betsy and Fred, partnered me up with editor Emma Mitchell. Emma read the manuscript, marked up her suggestions and then we had a telephone conversation where we talked about my characters as if they were real people.  It has been amazing to have someone with such insight and editorial clarity working on my manuscript. She could see the world I had created, could inhabit it, and relate to my characters and care about them.

Reaching this stage was not easy. The final hurdle felt like an insurmountable wall. My computer chose to die with my final three weeks of edits apparently lost, along with realms of other stories, the beginning of my next book, workshop notes and research documents. Thankfully, a computer fixer guy on the Lisburn Road was able to do whatever technological magic it took, to retrieve almost all of my work. I am hoping that this marks the end of a month long period of everything going wrong. Seriously, if I told you the things that happened and got broke, during those four weeks, you’d think I was exaggerating. Scruffy, below, nearly dying was one of the bad things to occur.

But…deep breath, it’s over. On to good things, like planning the book launch, and making progress on book two. Wish me well!

2015-12-26 20.09.49

Reading: Here and Gone, Haylen Beck, Little Deaths, Emma Flint

Listening to: KOL, disappointed not to be able to make the Dublin concert

Watching: House of Cards