Scrumptious Delights

Roald Dahl provided the inspiration for today’s workshop. We read the chapter Chocolates from Dahl’s autobiography ‘Boy’ and discussed how real life can inspire all sorts of stories.

Each child was asked to create their own chocolate confectionery. They had to come up with a weird or wacky design and to write about how they would market their product.

We then held presentations – each inventor had to present their idea to us, the chocolate factory board of directors, and we voted for the design which we felt was most innovative.


The Railway Children

The Young Scribblers Programme went on location today to the Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra, to work with a troupe of Brownies. We used The Railway Children as inspiration for our character work and improvisation.

Imagination Tree Houses

This week at Young Scribblers we designed our own tree houses. This activity encouraged our young writers to consider space and place and to invent ways of exploring their environment.

They were asked to imagine what their dream tree house would look like. I told them to think about being high up in a tree- what to you see out the window- your house or your school? What do your hear- birds? Aeroplanes?

Is it peaceful in your treehouse? What do you do in it? Read? Write? Draw?

Who would be allowed to visit you?

What kind of food would you bring with you?

Would you sleep in it? What would it feel like at night time? Consider the darkness, the noises. Would it be cold? Would there be bats flying around?img_8575img_8577img_8576

We then had a fun discussion about what features we would like to have in our tree house.Suggestions included: telescope, trapdoor, slide, swing a hammock, Zip lines
Rope swings, ladders and bridges
Speaking tube
Clothesline pulley with bucket between tree house and kitchen for frequent snacks (or to lower to the ground to fetch provisions)
Pirate’s treasure chest
Tennis ball/potato launcher
Water cannon
Fire pole or slide
Trap door
Solar-powered lights or lanterns
Fold-down benches and tables

The Young Scribblers then began designing their tree houses. We finished by writing about the most interesting features and being highly descriptive. More advanced writers were asked to use their treehouse as the setting for a story.